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The Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of Greater Austin (PBKAAGA) was formed by members of PBK, those elected at the Alpha of Texas and throughout the country, to promote the academic values of the society in Austin and the surrounding region. In addition to organizing social and intellectual events, including a lecture and reception twice a year, PBKAAGA has created endowments to fund scholarships for local high school students who will soon enter college and for adult students who are returning to college to complete their B.A. or B.S. degrees.  PBKAAGA welcomes any PBK member living in Austin to join.

What has PBKAAGA been doing recently?
We hope you enjoy our featured stories below. For the complete texts of these stories, and to read older "News," please click here.

Joshua Riehl, 2011 PBKAAGA Adult Baccalaureate Scholarship Recipient, nominated for PBS Documentary Film Award.  Read more

Drs. Larry Faulkner and Tom Cedel shared their views on the future of higher education at the PBKAAGA spring meeting on 4 May 2014.  It is rare to have two university presidents on the same stage…  Read more...

Meet the recipients of the 2014 PBKAAGA Scholarships!  Read more about them...

Upcoming events

Please check back soon for information about our November 2014 Fall General Membership Meeting.

Officers and Board Members

Thomas G. Mason, President

Robert Bridges, 1st Vice-President
Candace E. Hunter, 2nd Vice-President

Suzon Kemp, Treasurer
Joyce Pulich, Secretary

Thomas E. Cedel, Past President
Board Members:
Pam Autrey
Thomas E. Cedel
Noble Doss
Don Flournoy
Constance P. Hicks

Martha McKay Jones
Elizabeth Richmond-Garza
Ann Schwartz
Beverly Shivers
David Sosa

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